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Charlotte Kaye
Charlotte Kaye Coach ~ Decluttering and women's life coaching

Charlotte Kaye is a life coach, decluttering coach and host of the Cozy and Connected podcast.

Through her life coaching services, Charlotte helps women be who they are and do what they want, guilt-free…while smashing the patriarchy and manifesting world peace. In her decluttering services, her intuition based method teaches you how to build your decision making muscle which ensures that you will come away not only with a beautiful and simplified home, but also the innate ability to maintain what you have accomplished.

Prior to starting her business 3 year ago, her career was in fundraising.

When Charlotte is not working you can find her laying on her couch watching Netflix or crappy reality TV shows with her boyfriend and dog. You can also find her at lunch or coffee with friends. She is really good at doing nothing and also gets so lit up by spending time with people she loves. Also, when the mood strikes you may find her working on her house, painting a room, reorganizing, or decluttering.

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