Amy LaVallee

Owner and designer at Residential Remedies


She started this business a little over three years ago with the idea of creating a different way for clients and designers to work together.


Amy's focus was to create working relationships that were more focused on education and support - more acting as a coach that helps you get from A to Z using your own unique personal style.


Yes, her clients tend to do a little more, but for the most part they can and want to, they just need the right tools or direction! This is where Amy comes in! A personal design coach for your home or business space - Perfect, right?!


Amy also wanted to eliminate the client's loss of time and money that can often occur when doing things on their own! Making real everyday solutions for people who needed them that were smart and affordable was top of mind. By focusing on color, material and function planning, Amy believes she is accomplishing that.


Hiring an interior coach is a link from Pinterest to your home or small business and it’s proven to be so helpful for her clients!