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Emily Maxwell


Northville Guitar Lessons

Emily Maxwell is the owner of Northville Guitar Lessons, Michigan’s premier all guitar music academy. Northville Guitar Lessons has been open for 10 years and has helped hundreds of people achieve their dreams.


Being able to help people pursue their passion for music, and providing a safe and fun environment where they can learn guitar the right way, is what we’re all about. "We love people and we love guitar!"


There are many things that make Northville Guitar Lessons the best place you can choose; Whether you’re wanting to take your guitar skills to the next level, or if you're picking up the instrument for the very first time...we've got you covered!


We are literally the only school in ALL of Michigan who is trained and certified in how to teach guitar, aside from just having a music degree. This does make a massive difference in progress, as knowing how to teach different learning styles, different personality types, knowing how to help others overcome frustrations, etc isn't something that's taught in college when pursuing a music degree : )  


How to “teach guitar” versus how to just “play guitar” is what makes us great! We also understand that every individual has a unique or different goal when it comes to learning guitar. We make sure we have an actual plan in place for every person, and we closely track their progress to ensure that we are helping to meet their goals, and to make sure that they are always moving forward. We truly care about every person that walks through our doors; we are more than music, we are a family that helps inspire, encourage, and uplift one another!


We even offer a FREE trial lesson for people to come and check us out! *Ages 8 and up*    


In her free time, Emily enjoys spending time with her husband James, stepson Matthew, and her 3 rescue dogs Lacy, Laila, and Haddie. She also enjoys reading the Bible, worshipping Jesus, grabbing food with friends, and lots of iced coffee : )

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