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Jenni Nagle

Lipgloss + Aftershave

There was a major gap in the professional skincare industry; we couldn't find trusted resources that could provide real experiences with multiple product lines in one place, so we created our own!

Esthetician | Skincare Guru | Content Creator I help skincare brands reach their target audience by creating educational, engaging content that demonstrates the effectiveness of their products / devices / treatments. I help consumers understand the value behind effective skincare products and treatments through before and after photos, video demonstrations, and detailed explanations. Street A licensed aesthetician of over 20 years: Positions ranging from behind the treatment room door, to resort management, to medspa management.  Worked with over 100 brands! 

Jenni grew up in Denver and can’t ski. Mom of 6 year old living in an 80 year old’s body. It’s always wine time. Could live off cheese, truffle oil, and bread. n my next life, I’ll be a welder. I’d rather be at the beach. 

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