Linda Rihani 

Maskcara Beauty

I was born and raised in The Netherlands. Therefore I’m Dutch. Dutch is also my first language. So hang in there with me.
Right after 9/11 I was scheduled to come here to work as an au-pair. After many family members advice me not to go, I went anyways. Luckily I did as I found a the love of my live in Rockville Maryland. 18 years later, a couple of different hometown we cane to Detroit in the summer of 2018. And here we are.

I’m a mom of 3 kiddos. One Highschool freshman, 7th grader and a kindergartner. I’m a lover of all things Real Estate, travel, food and make up. With last years big move I gave up my md realtor license and followed my other passion for make up. I love making others feel special. With our make up I can do just that. I’ll help you find your perfect color match and teach you how to use the Highlight & Contour technique. I teach women all ages- young teenagers to gorgeous mature skin!

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