Monica Gobba, Live in Balance Consulting 

Live In Balance Consulting is a nutrition and lifestyle company. Moica works with clients on three areas; nutrition, lifestyle, and stress management. She first addresses nutrition/special dietary needs such as food allergies/intolerances or due to chronic illnesses.

Once she has a client’s nutrition aligned with their specific needs, she then addresses physical activity and a regular exercise routine, and creates a plan according to their goals. The other major area is stress management. There are no two programs that are alike. Each client program is uniquely designed to meet their individual goals. Monica’s mission is to help clients achieve their nutrition and lifestyle priorities to live the life they’ve always imagined for themselves. 

Monica created this business after working through her own health journey with food allergies and intolerances, and the strains she was putting on her body physically, emotionally, and mentally. She realized that there were others dealing with and suffering with similar health issues. Healthy living is more than a 30 day program or eating smoothies, it is a way of living. 

Live in Balance Consulting is able to serve clients from any state or country! Consults can be done in-person, by phone, Facetime, or Skype. Timing and coordinating just need to be coordinated! 

Monica lives in Chelsea with her husband Jon, and her two children Spencer, and Marlo.