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I began my journey into the service industry in 2008 when I received a Congressional Medal of Merit for demonstrating exemplary citizenship, academic excellence, and an outstanding sense of service to my peers, education and community. Following that, I completed my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in International Relations. During my time at the University, I assisted in the coordination and implementation of an Undergraduate Research Experience program where I was responsible for helping potential students acclimate to the area and see themselves as living in Michigan permanently. Given the financial constraints & lack of consistency in the industry, I had to find the right time to transition. On evenings and weekends, I built a successful marketing and graphic design company from the ground-up that allowed me to quit my full-time job and pursue my real passion; real estate. I had always wanted to transition to a career as a real estate professional, but given the financial constraints of the job, and my obligation to my family, I had to find the right time to make my move.

In January of 2016, I decided to join a top producing team & managed to work with 91 clients & close just over $24,000,000 my first two years in the business. During this time, a large majority of my clients had worked with a different agent previously, yet they were choosing to do business with me instead. I quickly realized that this was because people felt like they were being treated like a transaction & wanted more advocacy & guidance from their realtor, which I naturally provide. This realization gave me the fuel I needed to not only start my own team in January of 2018, but also to change the standard of what it means to represent your client, your community & your industry.

Since that day, I have been working endlessly to bring my mission of creating life changing real estate experiences through advocacy, guidance & education to every interaction that I have. In the two years that I have been on my own, I have closed just under $21,000,000, represented 70 clients, have been named top 5 agents in my office for 2019 & grew to be the number one producing team. Beyond my numbers, I made top 50 for NAR’s 30 Under 30 in 2019 & am the youngest member on my market center’s leadership council that I served on in 2019 & have been re-appointed for 2020.

In addition, as education is one of my core values, I also developed & executed an innovative series of 11 monthly real estate seminars at our local community college. In doing that, I had over 100 people come to my in-person seminars & based on their feedback, I have now started converting the content into short Youtube videos for easier accessibility.

Furthermore, because of my commitment to service, I took the initiative to coordinate one of the biggest donation drives in my local community with over 450 people in attendance & 1,000’s of items donated to 6 local charities. We were able to get the support of our local municipality, police department & service organizations to contribute their time, marketing & efforts to the cause.

If you’re looking for the best possible experience and the support of a fierce negotiator then we would make an excellent team!


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