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Nina Bogue

Inner Roots Co. ~ Sustainable Wellness Lifestyle

Nina helps her clients reinvent themselves and their spaces using all the resources nature has to offer. 

Inner Roots has been in the making for 10 years. It started under a different name, but as their purpose evolved so did the business. They've long used a variety of natural solutions to help their clients find their healthiest selves and homes. They now have expanded to reinvent spaces and daily practices to help not only their clients, but Mother Earth as well!

Nina is a wife and mom to two sweet girls and three fur babies. They are her biggest inspiration. They make her want to be the best version of herself so that she can offer the absolute best to them. Coming from an eastern European family, they always treated their health naturally. As we hear more and more about all of the toxins around us, Nina sought after natural solutions that are effective and sustainable.

Nina's family is a sport family, with their days filled of competitive dance, cheer, swim, skiing and equestrian, all depending on the season!



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