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Meet The Founder, Kelly Hartman  

The ladies of the Boss Ladies community described Kelly as unstoppable, connected, genuine, uplifting, compassionate, engaging, tenacious with all heart, inspiring, faithful, authentic and kind. 

As a lifelong product junky Kelly has always liked trying new products and then sharing with others. Kelly found herself referring her lady entrepreneur friends, talking about their products and always thinking about who she could connect them with. Kelly enjoys seeing others succeed and live up to their potential. She knows the importance of being surrounded and supported by encouraging women and wants everyone else to experience that as well. She saw a need to help build each other up. "We all have something valuable to offer each other, we just need to be introduced to the right people." 

All of her years in sales and marketing, she attended networking events, referral groups, was involved in Chambers - an Ambassador and Leadership graduate for the A2Y Chamber of Commerce. "Networking and building relationships are keys to success". For some, it can feel overwhelming or uncomfortable to attend these types of events. She thought it would be fun to start a sisterhood where everyone would feel welcome and like they were just hanging out with friends. Be able to lean on each other for ideas, questions and referrals. What better way then to introduce friends that have their own business and start her own referral group. 

When Kelly moved back to MI from Tampa, FL she started up "Wine Club" with a group of friends which was a hit, so she decided to do something similar to that format. A comfortable setting with music, snacks and drinks. Fun mingling, nothing formal. She sent out an invite to a few ladies that she referred often and couldn't believe all the positive responses she received back so quickly. 

"Sounds like a great idea, I'm in!" "Absolutely! What a great idea! 😘"

"Yes! You honestly read my mind, especially since I'm starting to spread my entrepreneurial wings!" "Sounds cool!" "Count me in I actually was just talking to someone about wanting to do this, this is fantastic.

She was so excited and knew she was on the right path. Kelly hosted the first get-together at her place in Plymouth, MI with six ladies to get the ball rolling. Now they have monthly soirees. Everyone is offered a turn to host - where you get to showcase your products and invite your entrepreneurial lady friends as well. Each member is highlighted in the BLRC Facebook group page, the Instagram page (Boss Ladies Referral), on Kelly's personal LinkedIn and to the ladies personal social media - with their approval. Specials and other ways to promote the business are also posted on the BLRC Instagram page. 

This is just the beginning! With all the ladies in other areas that want to join, the exposure and growth of this crew and the things they'll do will grow too. 

When asked about the name of the group, Kelly said yes, we are "Boss Babes" lol, but really the name came from a dear friend that passed away a few years ago that nicknamed her "Boss". When thinking of a name for this crew, Boss popped into her mind. Then as she started looking up graphics for the initial invite on-line, she came across BOSS: Business Opportunities Support Success. How perfect! There you have it.. Boss Ladies Referral Crew! 

#SpreadYourWings #BossLadiesReferralCrew #PrayWaitTrust #NotYourAverageReferralGroup


"True success in life comes from the goodness and blessings of God! Thank you to my church, family, friends and Boss Ladies Referral Crew ladies for your support and encouragement on this amazing journey!"

Xoxo Kelly Hartman

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