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Amanda Mays 



She helps creative business women share their most authentic brand story.

If you’re a creative or heart driven entrepreneur with a desire to elevate your reach you're in the right place.

Amanda officially opened her creative design studio January on 2020, but has been freelancing since 2011!

Amanda helps women just like you; take your vision and create your high-end online community that allows your clients a one of a kind experience. They are not about quick fixes and good enough; they are about passion filled Story telling.

They are there to understand you, your dreams and create a influential program tailored specifically to your needs. Fueled by creativity, passion and strategy we are ready to bring you the design experience you crave.


About Owner Amanda: She is mildly obsessed with Diet Coke, pulled pork nachos, rainstorms, and anything creative! You can normally find her rocking a messy bun and in leggings. She is married to her amazing carpenter husband (who might we add builds a mean farmhouse table) and they share two not so little nuggets 15 & 12.

"I know I don't look old enough to have a teenager right? (just agree with me your 30's are hard ya'll.) I was the OG Teen Mom BEFORE they had a network series." Her son & daughter both have incurable medical conditions. Her son is a Type 1 diabetic, and her daughter has Juvenile onset Glaucoma. This keeps them on their toes, but every step of this journey they are thankful for. So much of what Amanda does is for them!

Amanda loves spending time with her husband as well. They call themselves "part-time adventurists". They love to hike, kayak and fish, but when it comes to sleeping outside in a tent is where she draws the line! Amanda loves all things creative! Painting, decorating, cooking, gardening and traveling make her heart full!

You can find her on Facebook:



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