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What The Boss Ladies Are Saying...


I started my business during the pandemic in March of 2021. One of my first business moves was joining Boss Ladies. Truly, I had no idea what to expect or if any business would even come from it! Little did I know, it would truly be what jumpstarted my business! From the very first connect, I booked three clients! 


One of those clients ended up becoming a complete Boss Ladies collaboration and included two other Boss Ladies for the entirety of the project. 


Not only was I able to book Boss Ladies members, but I even booked a non-member that simply follows Boss Ladies and has a friend in the group! From there she needed other services and I referred her to my connection. It was one big referral party! 


The Boss Ladies referral runs much deeper than just the women in the group! It is a complete networking group for members and beyond! I am grateful for all SEVEN amazing clients Boss Ladies has connected me with! 

I started my cleaning company in the middle of a pandemic. I truly knew next to nothing about owning your own business. I was always told to surround yourself people that are smarter then you and I set out to do just that.


When I found boss ladies it was perfect! I talked with Kelly, attended a connect, and knew this was it. I’m going to be totally honest…on my follow up call to join Boss Ladies, the membership scared me a little.


I wasn’t even a month into my business and I definitely wondered if it would be worth it. I’m hear to tell you YES! 100%!


My business has soared not only from the revenue that has been generated but also from the knowledge and friendships I’ve gained. My business has generated over $10K in additional revenue from Boss Ladies ladies in the short 6 months I’ve been a member!


I’ve also met ladies that have helped with branding photos, venues for the photos, my website, and help with invoicing  software. I’ve been able to connect and gain friendships that also helped outside of my business and I’m so grateful for that! 

Emily Williams Testimonial.png

Emily Williams
The Cleaning Cube LLC

Katie Testimonial.jpg

I'd like to give a BIG shout out to the Boss Ladies Referral Crew! As many of you know, Kelly, the Founder of the company is my sister. And so for her entire life I have always been one of her biggest fans and cheerleaders. I was so proud of her when she started BLRC but because I live so far away, for the first time, I had to sit on the sidelines for her and her business. I could not attend any of her in-person events in Michigan and it was discouraging to me to say the least. 

Kelly is always striving to be a better person and trying to create a better company, so it is no surprise that she started Virtual Networking three months prior to the pandemic. I no longer sit on the sidelines. I can be a part of her crew and that makes us both happy! 

Another attribute for virtual events is that I can be home with my small children and attend to their needs while I still learn. Most of the time, my children are sitting right next to me, listening intently to our conversations. So intently, I might add that my 8 year old daughter wanted to follow in our footsteps and create her own business. And so we did!!  

Since becoming a member of BLRC I have received many wonderful blessings in my own business; my client base has increased, my sales have almost doubled and I have made a lot of new friends along the way. There is a quote that rings true for me in my life and in my business, "Show me your friends and I'll show you your future." I attend almost every single connect and master class because I not only want to learn from you, but I want to support you. That is the very foundation for this outstanding company! I see my friends, I see my future and both look amazing!


Steffanie Porter, Tidy Smart Organizing Solutions

I can say that my connections thru Boss Ladies have generated thousands of $$ in business for me! The connections I've made that have brought me new clients because of the networking opportunities Boss Ladies has hosted and they have had a ripple down effect. For example, I met a realtor through Boss Ladies a few years ago that led me to meet one of the top producing realtors in the area and he is now giving us a ton of business lately! So even though he's not a Boss Lady, I met him because of her.

Annie for testimonial.jpg

Annie Calvaneso

The Glam Fit Diva

For me, the hardest part about being an online business owner is the isolation. Working from home, working weird hours, and not knowing many people who do the same. That’s why I was so grateful to find the Boss Ladies Referral Crew. BLRC has provided me with the community of like-minded women I needed. I don’t feel as alone any more, and I know I have an amazing network of women I can turn to for advice, connection, and camaraderie. I’d highly recommend joining. The professional and personal connections made are so worth it! 

Brandi Myree headshot.jpg

Brandi Myree, Vinnie & June Brow & Grooming Bar 

Boss Ladies Referral Crew is the most supportive group of women I have ever been involved with outside of my own team!!! Kelly has a natural gift for fostering growth among numerous women, while maintaining such a personal connection and authenticity with each individual. All of the women involved support without conditions.

That is rare to find. I am grateful to be a part of such a strong community! 

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