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Michigan, USA

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What The Boss Ladies Are Saying...

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Alayna Partaka

Creative Director 

Chevron Creative

Growing up in a small community, I never had the need to learn how to talk with people that I didn’t know. I graduated with a class of 60 who I had went to school with since Kindergarten. During college, I had my own apartment and worked two jobs, not really getting the opportunity to be forced outside of my comfort zone. Once I graduated, and started my career, I realized that I was sorely underprepared to meet new business connections. 


Thanks to my favorite overzealous boss, I was forced to attend my first business networking event. I was nearly sick with discomfort and worry when forced to talk with people I didn’t know. It was one of the most uncomfortable situations that I’ve ever faced, and shockingly I didn’t die. Instead, I came out stronger on the other side. People were actually welcoming and nice to me. I was the one who was intimidated and afraid of them - they were the welcoming ones. Slowly but surely the events became easier for me. Before I knew it, I was actually enjoying them. Five years later, I was the chair of a 400 member your professionals group wondering how the heck I got there. Never underestimate the power of doing what scares you. 


Today, I am a huge advocate for networking. I purposely try to bring along the friends who put up the most resistance. I make a point to talk to the people who look like they are ready to be sick standing alone in the corner. In the last 15 years I have attended pretty much any networking event out there. All of them have areas where they excel and areas for improvement. I have to say, that there is no greater power than a group of independent strong-willed women getting together to support each other. Boss Ladies is becoming my home, and I am so incredibly grateful to be a part of it. 


Alissa Kovacs

Team Leader

Usborne Books & More

I'm so happy to be a part of the Boss Ladies Referral Crew! Not only is it a chance to get out of the house and meet with like minded ladies to chat about business, life, and opportunities but it has also been a confidence booster for me personally! I have already reaped the benefits of being part of the group -- shortly after I attended my first get together I was able to sign on a new team member because one of the ladies in the group referred my business. I have also been able to recommend other businesses to people through our group which I would not have know about otherwise.


Boss Ladies Referral Crew has introduced me to new avenues to help build my business! In the coming months I will be placing an ad in the Ann Arbor Coffee News, participating in a vendor event and going to a networking event hosted by the group!

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Kristi Zebrowski

Owner /Chef

Grace, Savory and Sweet

Boss Ladies Rock! I love being a part of this tribe of like-minded, entrepreneurial women. The relaxed social atmosphere of the connects and events made me fall in love, because it feels natural. Since joining I’ve been able to collaborate with and utilize services offered by fellow boss ladies, which has helped my business grow, while also supporting others in return. 

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Heather Feldkamp

President, Grow Beyond LLC.

As a member, and not unlike most Boss Ladies, I have a corporate job as well as my side entrepreneurial endeavor that I'm looking to grow through groups like this. Last night I had the rare opportunity to meet someone that ended up being a great contact for both my corporate job and my side job. Attorney, Naomi Fink of Fink Law. 


Carol Baaki Diglio, Ed.S., CHRS
Consultant & Owner of Diglio Consulting

Top 10 Reasons to become a member of Boss Ladies Referral group:

  1. Connect with professional, smart, motivated, and talented women.

  2. Learn from monthly webinars and workshops that fit your needs.

  3. Visit business sites around the Detroit Metropolitan Area and get to know your community.

  4. Engage with entrepreneurs who are excited to help you launch your business.

  5. Build your network and trusted confidants.

  6. Develop and practice your 30-second elevator speech.

  7. Gain honest perspectives on the rewards and challenges of owning your own business.

  8. Find trusted experts who you can hire to support your business endeavors.

  9. Give advice.  Get advice.

  10. Friendships and Girl Power!