What The Boss Ladies Are Saying...


I started my business during the pandemic in March of 2021. One of my first business moves was joining Boss Ladies. Truly, I had no idea what to expect or if any business would even come from it! Little did I know, it would truly be what jumpstarted my business! From the very first connect, I booked three clients! 


One of those clients ended up becoming a complete Boss Ladies collaboration and included two other Boss Ladies for the entirety of the project. 


Not only was I able to book Boss Ladies members, but I even booked a non-member that simply follows Boss Ladies and has a friend in the group! From there she needed other services and I referred her to my connection. It was one big referral party! 


The Boss Ladies referral runs much deeper than just the women in the group! It is a complete networking group for members and beyond! I am grateful for all SEVEN amazing clients Boss Ladies has connected me with! 

Danielle M.PNG

Danielle Mihelich
Female Finance

I joined Boss Ladies a year and a half ago. It has been a wonderful experience learning about what other women do and how I might be able to help other ladies grow. I have been introduced to incredible, strong and inspiring women. I love that I can easily access the roster and have a full list of resources for my clients. Thank you Kelly for creating this space. 

Brandi Myree headshot.jpg

Brandi Myree

Vinnie & June Brow & Grooming Bar 

Boss Ladies Referral Crew is the most supportive group of women I have ever been involved with outside of my own team!!! Kelly has a natural gift for fostering growth among numerous women, while maintaining such a personal connection

and authenticity with each individual. All of the women involved support without conditions.

That is rare to find. I am grateful to be a part of such a strong community! 


Steffanie Porter

Tidy Smart Organizing Solutions

I can say that my connections thru Boss Ladies have generated thousands of $$ in business for me! The connections I've made that have brought me new clients because of the networking opportunities Boss Ladies has hosted and they have had a ripple down effect. For example, I met a realtor through Boss Ladies a few years ago that led me to meet one of the top producing realtors in the area and he is now giving us a ton of business lately! So even though he's not a Boss Lady, I met him because of her.

Annie for testimonial.jpg

Annie Calvaneso

The Glam Fit Diva

For me, the hardest part about being an online business owner is the isolation. Working from home, working weird hours, and not knowing many people who do the same. That’s why I was so grateful to find the Boss Ladies Referral Crew. BLRC has provided me with the community of like-minded women I needed. I don’t feel as alone any more, and I know I have an amazing network of women I can turn to for advice, connection, and camaraderie. I’d highly recommend joining. The professional and personal connections made are so worth it!