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FEBRUARY 13-16, 2020 |



Brandi Myree headshot.jpg

Brandi Myree

Vinnie & June Brow & Grooming Bar 

I am an avid traveler and I love to connect with like-minded women, so the Boss Ladies retreat was a no brainer! The retreat was an amazing opportunity to be outside of my normal environment in a space to create new authentic business relationships! Unplugging to then recharge is important to both me and the well-being of my business. The retreat gave me the ability to do just that! Two of my favorite parts of the trip were the workshops and the cooking experience. Exchanging stories and learning from such a diverse group of women was great to share in. Gaining new cooking skills was a fun way to bond and experience the Mexican culture!  I am grateful for this group of genuine women who are committed to learning, growing and connecting.  Can't wait for the next retreat! 


Rachel Coleman

Frond & Found 

I want to go back!!! I knew something was happening, but wasn’t sure what it was, and definitely a little unnerving. Over the past year I found that I was making room for growth. With some help from a few friends in these photos, I entered 2021 with a new mantra...”Grace and Space"! LOVE you all, and thanks for helping me open a new door.

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