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Grow Beyond ~ Testimonial

Grow Beyond ~ Testimonial

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Heather Feldkamp: 12/16/72-11/25/20

I had known Heather since I was 9 years old. At that time, she went to high school full-time, along with working 3 jobs — lucky for me, 1 of those was for my dad’s carpet business. She would take me shopping and quickly became my role model!


Fast forward 9 years, she started as the Manager of the Classified Department at The Ann Arbor News. She had an opening and hired me. Again, I looked up to her. She was always full of energy, well-liked, positive and would work hard with her team to make their goals. She is a true leader. We both moved on to different departments, but always remained friends. In 2010 Heather was working at Belfor Franchise Group and again she hired me. I didn’t know anything about franchising, but I knew with Heather as my boss that it would be a place I’d want to work, and she would make sure that I was successful by teaching me everything she knew.


She’s was a teacher. Heather has been my babysitter, friend, sister, boss and mentor. The most optimistic person I ever knew. It’s hard changing present tense to past tense, as Heather was always my biggest supporter and my very first Boss Ladies Member.


In keeping her legacy alive we have a membership scholarship in her name! 



You will see Heather is many BLRC pictures, she was the very first member and always had my back in everything that I did.

This picture at our 2nd ever Connect represents her so well - always behind me. 

Heather pictured in black shirt with bright pants. 

"Be the things you loved most about the people who are gone."

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