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"I am truly impressed by the invaluable connections I've made with like-minded, genuine, and professional women through Boss Ladies! Recently, I needed a resourceful activity to be used in a team-building event that I planned. My first thought was the BLRC directory to find and support a fellow woman business owner. I love the convenience of having multiple resources in one place! The directory, with its easy-access and categorized library, is a convenient go-to for me. I reached out to a few ladies to discuss options. They were prompt, professional, and eager to learn more. After discussing options further, one of them seemed to be the perfect fit for what we needed, and the other still championed my business even though that particular collaboration wasn't a right fit. What was great is that I already knew her from the BLRC retreat, making the collaboration even more enjoyable. It was great to reconnect with her! Her professional presentation, promptness, and excitement to collaborate was the experience I am accustomed to with BLRC ladies, yet it still pleasantly surprises me every time! I am grateful for the directory, serving as a quick guide and resource. Not only do I leverage it for my own needs, but I also confidently refer clients to other services listed in the directory. It's a fantastic personal and shareable resource!" Brandi Myree

*Disclaimer: Partnerships, agreements you make with clients or hiring someone that you meet via BLRC is between you and that person / business, not you and Boss Ladies Referral Crew LLC.*

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