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Brandi Myree, Vinnie and June Brow and Grooming Bar

Brow and Grooming Bar

Phone: 248-817-8080

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Katie Adams, Mary Kay Cosmetics

Help women look & feel beautiful on the inside and outside.


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Alisha Shumake, The More You Glow

Skin care and beauty treatments with a focus on age prevention and correction.


Phone: 734-271-2101

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Ashley Clark, The Glow Bar

Custom spray tans so that, in less than 20 minutes, you can achieve that “just off the beach” look the safe and healthy way!


Phone: 734-719-0155

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Aubree Shrawder, Monat Market Partner 

Anti-aging, vegan haircare & skincare that perform by healing from the inside out.


Phone: 717-623-1038

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