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Your Money Blueprint

After making 6 figures in corporate and then making the least amount of money I had ever made when I first started my business 7 years ago… I knew there had to be more to it then just “strategy”.


I have used my own financial hardships, in addition to my huge financial successes along with all that I have learned about how the brain works and created my Brain Based Prosperity Method.   


If you are like me and made a lot of money prior to starting your business & you're ready to make that money again… this is for YOU! 


If you have had or are having financial hardships… this is for YOU!


If you are dong well in your business, but want to make more… this is for YOU!

By implementing my revolutionary new methodology, I've seen unprecedented success, tripling my own income as well as my clients income! 

Experience the transformation and growth for yourself with my Brain Based Prosperity Method, designed specifically high-achieving women to increase their wealth. 

Client Reviews

The Money Blueprint Changed my Life!

I had the pleasure of working with Kelly in her Money Blueprint Program. I am so thankful I did! I was able to learn exactly why I thought about money the way I did (not just thoughts, but actual feelings towards it), and how to reprogram those negative thoughts and experiences from the past into a completely new outlook! I have become a lot more aware of abundance around me from money to time to freedom, as well! Being able to see and appreciate what I do have, has allowed the door to open for even more- for myself and others. I feel so much lighter, and not a heavy burden when I think about the future, financially- and that is so freeing! 


I definitely recommend working with Kelly! She is kind, empathetic, not judgmental at all, and has such an incredible amount of wisdom on ALL different subjects.

Transformed my Mindset!

I experienced a “spark” of realizations during my first money blueprint session. Through talking with Kelly about my past money mindset I became aware of three reoccurring themes in my life that have been preventing me from the abundance, money, prosperity and love that I am truly worthy of. 


Now that I am aware I have altered my mindset to welcome abundance of all forms into my life and feel so grateful to be on this path and realize just how abundant my life is and will #become through taking this course.


The biggest takeaway is knowing I am not alone in this journey


And through working on these “sparks” I am helping myself to heal old ways of thinking. Light enters through the wound 🤍✨

Rekindled my Entrepreneurial Spirit!

What a wonderful session you bring to women, Kelly! Your manner is engaging, kind, and respectful. You display strong leadership, yet you are gentle at the same time. 


You definitely fit much into the hour. Thank you so much for not only reminding me to see money as a tool, but also for encouraging me to begin my own business (once again). 

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