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What ladies are saying about our event features:
"I found the breakout discussions very beneficial as it’s a chance to talk and get to know each other rather than just by the email where we share info. It makes for a better connection!"
"I loved the breakout session. It really was nice to meet a couple people in a smaller setting and get to know a little more about them!" 
"I enjoyed the breakout sessions! Connecting to other business owners and sharing experiences is so important." 

Our events are currently heavy in the beginning and end of the year while in the middle we enjoy summer months and continue connecting with the people we have met + use this time to review the learning portal and 1:1 business strategy.

If you don't already receive our exclusive email invites - make sure you sign up for those! + check out our free community of over 300+ ladies. We look forward to meeting and supporting YOU! 

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