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Brandi Myree,

Growth & Development Coach

As a Certified Enneagram Coach who has spent over a decade immersed in personal development, career coaching and entrepreneurship, I know what it takes to help women identify blind spots and help them discover HOW to live fulfilled!


I was once told by someone over the phone that I sound like I walk fast, lol! Without coffee, I have a full tank of energy all the time. I guess I'm just high on life.

I started my coaching business out of a place of unrest & desire. I had been on a long journey to find ultimate fulfillment because I could not shake my incessant desire for more. Even though on the outside, I appeared to have it all together. I was restless and dissatisfied. After doing some intense self- work, I reached a place of newfound healing, growth & fulfillment. This transformational experience, along with, my lifelong deep desire to help others, led me to recognizing that it is my life's purpose to guide other women on the journey of MORE. We were meant for it!


(Fun Fact: The first time I ever publicly verbalized my desire to coach was at a Boss Ladies Connect Event!)

When I am not coaching, I am spending time with my husband of 15 years, enjoying Sundays with my family, reminding my 99-year old grandfather to play his memory game so he can keep his mind sharp, running my salon, talking on the phone with friends, shopping, eating, traveling, reading non-fiction and scrolling on tiktok!

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