Eileen Rose 

Mindset with Eileen Rose

Eileen is a Meditation Guide, Yoga and Joyful Movement Instructor. She’s been in the fitness industry for nearly a decade now. It all started when she decided to stop dancing at age 12 and went to her local gym to find group exercise classes, yoga, and cycling. Yoga and mindfulness became her primary passion right away.


Eileen graduated from Oakland University in 2017 earning a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Nutrition. Eileen is a 500 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor.


Currently, Eileen is about to embark on a 2 year travel experience in a camper van her and her husband built!


Eileen will be offering Meditation and Mindset Services on the road. Eileen also is the Brand Ambassador and Client Concierge at BLND Health. Eileen will be spreading the BLND word and collaborating/partnering all across the U.S. If you are in search of a therapist or would like to host a Mental Health workshop for your team, reach out to Eileen via email at eileenmiles@blndhealth.com


Meet the team and learn more about BLND Health's mission here.


"My favorite part is seeing the beautiful change that occurs when people slow down and turn inward. It's almost as if people are surprised and in awe. We can heal our minds and our lives. We are all capable of feeling more calm, grounded, and compassionate toward ourselves."

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