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Mariel Frew

Mariel Frew Photography

As a native of Colorado, Mariel grew up on the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Surrounded by natural beauty, she was drawn to photography from a young age. She began taking photos on a 35mm point and shoot when she was about ten years old. From that point, Mariel continued in photography through junior high and high school, with analog processing, and black and white darkroom printing.

By the time she reached college, she was all in. Mariel went on to pursue a BFA degree with a concentration in Fine Art Photography from Colorado State University. Her heart was with portraiture, and capturing authenticity. Mariel's passion for black and white printing, as well as large format film photography has been central to most of the work she's done throughout the years. While she now shoots with a DSLR 95% of the time, she still shoot film and hopes to set up a home darkroom for her own creative ventures in the near future.

After college, she left Colorado for the bright lights of Las Vegas, NV. She spent the next decade shooting in the desert and simultaneously working in the hospitality industry. After lots of hot summers, and a couple of kids, her and her husband decided to take the plunge and relocate to the Midwest. They’ve put down roots in the beautiful state of Michigan and she is beyond excited to enjoy the beautiful natural areas, as well as get to know the wonderful people in the area.

Mariel has been in business officially for a couple of years. She's been doing photography since the late 90’s and received her BFA in Fine Art Photography in 2008.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her two little boys and husband. They are newer to Michigan, so they're loving getting to know the state and different communities. Mariel also enjoys gardening and roller skating- retired roller girl here!

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