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Sarah Watson

Sarah Watson PLLC & Simple Sex Education

Sarah is a licensed professional counselor, AASECT certified sex therapist, and sexuality educator. Sarah has a private practice located in Clinton Township, where she works with individuals and couples struggling with relationship and sexual health issues via telehealth. In addition to her private practice Sarah recently established a new business, Simple Sex Education which provides online workshops for parents to prepare themselves for starting and continuing discussions about sex and relationships with their kids.

Sarah attended Wayne State University for her graduate degree and the University of Michigan for her post graduate certification in sexual health and sexuality education. She loves listening to others and hearing their stories + helping them process what they are feeling. She finds joy in providing accurate information about sexual health and seeing the "ah ha" moments. Sarah believes that talking about sex and providing medically accurate information is life changing.

Sarah has been with her partner of 19 years and they have a daughter, who is 3 1/2 years old. Sarah enjoys providing therapy and is passionate about bringing sexual health to the masses and plans on doing so through parenting, relationship, and women’s workshops.

She also has facilitated many workshops around the country for those impacted with hemophilia, a rare blood clotting disorder. Sarah is very passionate about providing a safe and caring environment to discuss and process sexual and mental health issues. Sarah spends her “down” time chasing her toddler, exercising, reading, and enjoying her family farm in northern Michigan.

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