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Ursula Froes Mullen


Born and raised in Brazil, Ursula came to Michigan in 2011 for school, she has graduated with a degree in International Business & Management, and a minor in Communications.

Ursula has been in commercial real estate since 2015, and recently wanted a bigger challenge to make her grow and keep things exciting, so she has assumed residential real estate full time. Her unfair advantage is that her team at DOBI provides all of the resources from contractor referrals, lenders, title companies, staging home services, cleaning services, appraisals, and other items that are necessary for the sale and purchase of a home; having those resources allow her to service her clients with professionalism, and most importantly make sure the process is enjoyable.

Ursula also started her business because she wanted to be more socially engaged with the people around her in a more personal level. She loves seeing the results first hand and excitement of her clients when life transitions happen.

Her office is in Birmingham, MI and services Metro-Detroit.

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