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Anna Connolly

AFC Strong LLC

A Detroit based Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Coach. She owns AFC Strong LLC, a dynamic online platform consisting of group fitness classes and 1:1 personal training.

Anna was recently voted #1 Fitness Class by Hour Detroit Magazine WOO! She offers sessions to movers of all ages and abilities, including virtual classes for Senior citizens.

She also coaches in-person clients and classes at Detroit Body Garage in West Village Detroit. In the summer months, she hosts several pop-up workout events partnered with small businesses like The Congregation Detroit, Ferndale Parks, and more (Anna is always down for a collaboration!) Her biggest goal is to have a space of her own!

Anna loves all things fitness, but is even more passionate about changing the industry to be more positive and inclusive. She talks on her platform, and works with clients on dismantling diet culture, adopting a body neutral approach to fitness, and establishing a positive relationship with fitness and food. She truly believes that movement is for ALL, and can help you feel confident, empowered, and STRONG in all areas of your life!

With a combination of professional dance training, a B.S. in Kinesiology from Wayne State University, an ACSM PT certification, and a wide range of diverse experiences in corporate wellness and boutique fitness, Anna brings a wealth of knowledge and positive motivation to her clients. Determined to break the shallow expectations commonly found in the fitness industry, Anna is not only determined to push her clients to be their strongest selves physically, but to become the best version of themselves overall. Currently, AFC Strong is centered around an online coaching platform that caters to movers of all levels and ages. Also make sure to check out her pop-up events in Detroit all year long!


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