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Anna Warner-Mayes

The Lipstick Journey

Anna Warner-Mayes is a graduate of Western Michigan University. Originally a music theater major she graduated with a degree in science and has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years.


After being diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, she decided to fulfill one of her dreams and start her own lipstick company, The Lipstick Journey. Cancer has been part of her story for over 10 years, first diagnosed in 2008. Through her company she wanted to create a great product but also help other cancer fighters by donating partial proceeds to cancer organizations she has had personal experience with.


Anna has been involved with everything from creation of the cruelty free formula, the colors, to manufacturing, packaging, and website content. Anna has been married to Jim for 5 years and together they are raising 5 kids as a blended family; Anna’s three, ages 17, 19, 22, and Jim’s two, ages 17 and 19. Yes, it’s a wild and crazy life. Besides the three already in college, Anna and the fam live in Metro Detroit.


‘Cancer has always colored my moods and lipstick has helped me communicate them. For years I have dreamed of creating a great product that would connect people not only to my story, but to the power of their own. Part of that dream has been to find a way to give back in a tangible way to cancer fighters and survivors. I discovered that beauty comes from story and that lipstick can be your expression. Each color I've chosen communicates a mood or a feeling - no words necessary. Life is your canvas’~ Anna

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