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Cassidy Schoof

Consciously Cultivating Wellness

Consciously Cultivating Wellness... a name that encompasses an umbrella of passions.


Especially now that the garden was a success last year, Cassidy wants to be able to share that with others! She started with the word "cultivate" because that is what they did with the garden, they prepared the ground, nourished it and planted their seeds. This word stayed with her since they were able to cultivate their lives.


We can create a foundation for different parts of our lives (such as emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially, etc) and nourish it with rhythms and routines and with the right add-ins. Yes, some things may go wrong but since the foundation is in place we can get over those bumps and keep going. We always learn from the mistakes we make! Consciously, well we have to think about how we want to live our lives with meaning. We set achievable goals, make plans to reach then, and celebrate our success.


Cassidy wants to be able to help you set those goals, keep you accountable, and be your cheerleader along the way.


"So let's build a community of women who want to balance their hormones and live a healthy lifestyle through holistic practices!"

Cassidy loves spending time outdoors in her garden, camping, hiking, paddleboarding, playing volleyball, shopping for vintage treasures and spending time with family and friends.

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