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Deanna Katto 

Berry Best

Deanna has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and it helped her launch her career in data science for corporate America, activism, and doing what she can to learn from and help others from all different walks of life.

A couple of her accomplishments include the following: Deanna worked on all phases of market research studies from start to finish, and revealed insights that helped a top pizza retailer’s corporation make the executive decision to finally deliver pizza (can you guess who?), and, she proudly volunteered full-time to be the Campaign Manager for the first African American and Black woman to ever serve on city council in Troy, the largest city in Oakland County.

Whenever she pictured herself in business, she envisioned herself in the non-profit world and supporting women. Now, she helps her mom run a brick and mortar smoothie bar in Rochester Hills started from the ground up, and it's called Berry Best. They offer organic smoothies, acai bowls, smoothie bowls, and food. The smoothies have no ice, water, dairy, and added sugar. The acai bowls, and oat milk and spirulina smoothies are customer favorites. They also offer online delivery, catering, and a mini event space (for about 30-35 people).

Their tagline is, "Very best means Berry Best." Deanna loves meeting new people (probably more than anything in the world) and partnering up with other women on anything that comes to mind to achieve the Berry Best duo."

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