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Elizabeth Baise-Bergeron, D.C., Sport and Spine Performance Institute

After completing her undergraduate work at Wayne State University, Dr. Baise-Bergeron attended Life University in Marietta, Georgia where she received her Doctoral Degree in Chiropractic in June of 2001.


Dr. Baise-Bergeron uses her professional experience to provide both corrective chiropractic care and sport performance based services. This integrative approach of treating the body as a whole, promotes a proactive design towards health, human performance, and injury prevention.

Dr. Baise-Bergeron understands the importance of properly functioning body and quick recovery from injury. At her practice she provides care to patients of all ages. She believes in starting chiropractic care in early childhood and her children receive regular chiropractic adjustments to keep them functioning properly.


She was diagnosed with scoliosis (a curvature of the spine) at the age of 12 and was told to see an orthopedic surgeon for treatment. The orthopedic surgeon told her that she would require surgery on her scoliosis eventually because throughout adolescence, instead of her height increasing, the curvature of her spine worsened. It is because of this that she took an interest in chiropractic care and the alternatives to surgery and medicine. Once she began receiving chiropractic adjustments, the curvature in her spine stopped increasing! Surgery was no longer an option for her and she has been getting adjusted ever since.

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