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Janni Firestone, Grief & Loss Specialist, Mental Health Coach

The Grief & Trauma Center

Janni has been working in the mental health industry for 6 years, bringing with her over 20 years of experience helping people cope with loss, life challenges, and mental health issues. She is a Certified Grief Counselor and a Certified Mental Health Coach.

Janni works with a variety of mental health issues and experiences such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and emotional abuse. But, after her own experience with deep loss, she decided to specialize in helping others learn how to process the pain of loss and move through grief in a healthy way.


Everyone experiences loss, but we tend to ignore what we consider “everyday” losses and relegate grief to only the “big” losses in life, such as death of a loved one. If you have experienced ANY kind of loss—whether it be the death of a loved one, loss of a pregnancy, relationship, job, health, sense of self, etc—Janni would love to work with you as you navigate life in light of that loss. Together, you and Janni can process your grief and create practical tools for growth and healing.

Janni spends her free time with family and friends, usually playing games or watching movies, and cuddling with her dog, Loki.

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