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Jennifer Minchin

Inspiring Women to Live Their Most Authentic Life

Jennifer sees the potential in all women. It is her passion to inspire women to live their most authentic life!


Jennifer is full of energy and is caring.  She has an entrepreneurial spirit as she was in MLM and Direct Sales for 18 years.  Prior to being in Direct Sales and in MLM, she was a Social Worker where she helped Women on Welfare return to the workforce. 

Jennifer is passionate about navigating life and business with mental illnesses, taking care of your body both physically and mentally, and helping women turn their passion projects into reality.  Jennifer has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Women’s Study and a Master of Science in Human Resources. 

Jennifer decided to take her expertise and passion to help women and become a Life Coach. She is in the process of taking courses toward her certifications. 

Her favorite part of Life Coaching is when a client has a breakthrough and sees herself through a different lens and is one step closer to being her most authentic self. 

In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her family, read, and scrapbook.  



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