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Nikki Closser, Nikki Closser Photography

Nikki takes the stress out of having your photo taken. You might be thinking that you aren't photogenic or that you hate being in front of a camera -- but, she promises you that her photoshoots are easy and fun and it is an experience that you will never forget! On top of the photoshoot, she includes hair & makeup styling and you can wear several different outfits. In the end, you will finally have photos of yourself that you love. 


Nikki was born & raised in Michigan, but she grew her business in Seattle. She has since moved back to Michigan with her husband and two sons and her studio is in downtown Plymouth. In addition, she does dream photoshoots for people anywhere in the world that they want! 


Nikki had the honor of being trained by world renowned photographer Sue Bryce and she is a mentor to other photographers on Sue's education platform. Nikki is grateful every day that she has a career she absolutely loves!

IG = @nikkiclosser

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