Paula Prisby

Arbonne International - Healthy Living Inside & Out

For more than a decade now, Paula Prisby has helped people have more choices in their life in the important areas of health, time and money. As former corporate executive, Paula took an alternative route and started her own business which allowed her to be a present parent for her three children; enjoying their 18 years rather then returning to long hours and the stress of the corporate environment.  


Paula is a Regional Vice President and Independent Consultant with Arbonne International, an over 40 year old vegan, green health and wellness company. Arbonne's stringent ingredient policy means that it is committed to the highest standards for nutrition, skin care, and makeup making them the global leader in healthy living inside and out.  Arbonne's list of third party certifications backs up their commitment: certified vegan, certified non GMO, certified gluten free and certified cruelty free on top of banning 2,000 ingredients from their products.  


Because of her personal experience and success in battling chronic disease, Paula is passionate about the results that people can get through Arbonne's clean eating program. It's an easy button for regaining your most important possession: Your health!  Through this program, combined with simple changes, eliminating allergenic, addictive and acidic foods, Paula has coached close to 100 people to better health.  So what do you need? More energy to get through the day? Better digestion? Firmer skin and less wrinkles? Eliminate sugar addiction and lose the toxins trapped in your waistline?  Clean toxic free makeup?  Life changing results start with one day at a time.