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Clare Maier

Luna’s Crystal Connection

Intuitively bringing earth’s gifts to you!

Clare spent many years working in luxury property management and learned sales, marketing & general business operations. She also learned that corporate 9-5 life wasn’t for her. Her eyes were opened to this after taking a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Not only was Clare starting to see possibilities of working outside the corporate structure, this is also where she began her spiritual journey.

Being a yoga teacher brought her great joy & fulfillment, but something still wasn’t quite right so she started to explore other career avenues. Then the pandemic hit and she couldn’t teach yoga in person anymore. Eventually she landed on the idea of opening a virtual crystal business. Since Clare was a kid she always wanted to open a shop, boutique or something similar but back then, with dial up internet, always thought it would be brick and mortar. She had no inclination that it would become so successful and eventually her sole job and income in less than a year.

It has become such an overwhelming joy to intuitively choose her inventory and then via Instagram live sales & story sales, pass these beautiful gifts from the earth onto her clients. Each of Clare's clients becomes a personal connection to her, simply because she can’t imagine it any other way.

Clare is from the greater Lansing area & now lives in East Lansing, Michigan with her partner, his two daughters and their dog. In her free time she loves to attend live concerts & sporting events, spend time with family and friends, try new foods, & travel. She recently became Reiki I & II certified and Is starting to dabble in reading tarot.

Clare's favorite part about her business is the community that has been built around it. She has clients all over the US that come together in a live sale to not only shop but check in on each other and have a great time. It’s really like a big crystal loving family. She also has created a loyalty program within the business that is based on purchases made within a month where clients can earn free crystals!

Check her out more at: @lunascrystalconnection

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