Home Organizing + DECOR
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Charlotte Kaye, Charlotte Kaye Coach

Intuition based method teaches you how to build your decision making muscle which ensures that you will come away not only with a beautiful and simplified home, but also the innate ability to maintain what you have accomplished.

Email: charlotte@charlottekayecoach.com
Phone: 248-787-2081

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Tiffany Patton, Enerlight Candle Co.

Beautiful glassware that embodies the most tantalizing, infectious & long-lasting fragrances that not only inspires but infuses peace, love, hope & strength into every home and office.


Email: enerlightcandlesllc@gmail.com
Phone: 248-702-5892

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Steffanie Porter, TidySmart Organizing Solutions

We are a home organizing company focusing on helping our clients to declutter, organize, prepare their homes for real estate sale as well as packing and unpacking to help make the moving process go as smoothly as possible.

Phone: 248-755-4992

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Ashley Hamel, Coaster Couture

Help clients decorate their homes with one of a kind handmade home decor.

Email: ashley@coastercouturestudio.com

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Clare Maierl, Luna’s Crystal Connection

Intuitively bringing earth’s gifts to you!

Email: lunascrystalconnection@gmail.com

Phone: 989-640-7181