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Join Our Crew as a MEMBER

As a member, you'll get more growth opportunities with things like:

  • Discounted Events 

  • Exclusive Member Events 

  • Exclusive Member Programs 

  • Website Directory 

  • Business highlights to promote your new offers

  • Becoming a newsletter contributor

  • Media worthy articles and vlogs about what you do

  • Big updates and more...

The Trailblazer

INCLUDES the #1 most viewed page on our website = Resource Directory and was created for the Boss Lady that is ready to go all in and blaze the way for herself and others.

The Launcher

Similar to Trailblazer, (but without the Resource Directory) is intended for the boss lady that wants to invest in herself and other boss ladies without extra outside exposure.

The Connector

90 day / short-term membership perfect for the boss lady that is on a budget and wanting to “try-out” the community/ benefits. 

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