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Allison Littlejohn, Real Estate

Allison is a Realtor at the Reinhart Realtors office in Saline serving the greater Washtenaw County area. She is passionate about developing deep connections with her clients, and believes in doing so she can better serve them. While she enjoys building connections with a variety of buyers and sellers, she especially loves work with first-time homebuyers, the military community, and seniors.

Though Allison transitioned into a real estate career in 2020, she spent six years prior in the field of Human Resources. Throughout her career, every role she has held relied on her ability to build relationships, understand others' needs and desires, and identify the best future opportunities for each individual she worked with. As a Realtor, these skills define Allison's approach when partnering with clients to find a property that is best for them.

Allison holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology from George Washington University and a master's in HR Management from Trinity College Dublin. And while she grew up in Michigan, she also lived in Washington, DC; Charlotte, NC; and Dublin, Ireland. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, trying out new recipes, reading the latest crime novel, and traveling to winter destinations. She is also a member of the Arts & Culture Committee for the City of Saline.

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