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Aubree Shrawder

Monat Market Partner

Aubree's 8 year old self would be so proud to see that she is back dabbling in creative outlets and sharing what she loves with others. She would also be proud to see how confident she is now. No more hiding behind in the background!

She loves to be outdoors! Hiking, running or playing any sort of game outside with her three sons. She just loves fresh air. It feeds her soul and makes her feel grounded. Aubree also loves to travel which ties into the nature part too. Traveling and finding areas to explore and take in. Aubree is married to Brian and they have three sons, Lucas, Eli and Jonah. They keep her on her toes and she always says "I don't know why I ever thought I was busy before having kids!" She loves watching them play soccer, pushing themselves during swim meets and seeing how different their interests are from one another. Her love language is gift giving and acts of service. Cooking ties right in with that, she loves to cook for others. 

Her favorite part of her business is meeting other people. She says she is an extroverted introvert. Meeting new people in a sales type of business makes her get out of her shell and get to know others! She has met some incredible women in this community and has come to find some amazing souls to connect with. Aubree started her business about 3.5 years ago and this version of Aubree is much more confident and comfortable in her skin than her previous self. "Might seem silly to say but, having healthy hair has opened up a world to me that I never knew existed. I love the person I am becoming and cannot wait to see who else I meet along the way."

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