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Heather Feldkamp, Grow Beyond, LLC 

Heather has both a BBA and MBA in Management from Cleary University. After many years working for the print media publications, The Ann Arbor News and Business Review she found herself starting a new career within corporate franchising. 

Her inspiration for starting Grow Beyond, LLC. came from multiple conversations over a period of a couple years. Because networking contacts knew she had a background in franchising they often requested face to face meetings over coffee to discuss with her, 'pick her brain' if you will about what she knew and or thought about the likelihood of their business service or concept being franchised. She was always happy to lend support via her opinion on if their business was viable as a franchised concept. Unfortunately, most of them never got beyond that curiosity conversation, never launched as a franchise. They either just kept talking about it or changed direction thinking that maybe a licensing structure would be better for them. 

Heather actually had the opportunity to convert a small business into a national franchise, and she knows firsthand how long, complicated, and expensive the process can be. Assuming this reality is why she had the ‘Ground Hog’s Day’ effect when she would run into these small business owners from time to time. 

When a national company, with countless years of franchising experience, sought Heather out to help them find ‘franchiseable’ businesses, basically become a referral source, she jumped at the opportunity. The opportunity to finally have a viable solution for her many friends and business acquaintances that still had the dream of expanding their business through franchising.


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