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Sarah Kreiner

The Mix Studios

Sarah Kreiner is a Personal Trainer, Owner of The Mix Studios and she runs a 12 Week Online Coaching program that helps busy women lose weight and reclaim their energy and confidence. Sarah smoked for 11 years and when she finally decided to quite she decided to start running and strength training. This opened her eyes to how amazing being healthy felt. She knew that she wanted to help others find the same feeling. Sarah has over a decade of experience and has been voted best Personal Trainer by E-Current magazine. She believes that a strong body simply gives us a vehicle to experience our lives to the fullest.

Sarah loves spending time with her family which consists of her amazing husband and two girls, ages 4 and 5. She also is obsessed with mini trampoline workouts also know as rebounding. She loves cooking and exploring new recipes.

Sarah's favorite part of her business is seeing clients find the joy of exercise for more than just losing pounds. The mental health benefits, the strength for travel and adventure, increased stamina for kids and grandkids. The joys of a strong healthy body make our lives more fulfilled and it’s incredible to watch this happen.

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