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Linzie "Detroit" Haller, Sage Advice Today LLC

Linzie's nickname is Detroit or Dee. She has been in the live music industry touring for 11 years as a production assistant. It has been one of the great joys of her life. Linzie gets to travel and connect with people from all over the world. She is also a health coach. Last year she graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She began her own health journey 4 years ago and wanted to learn how to help other people + also wanted to be able to share her knowledge with those the music industry. She is taking the medical examiners test this winter to become a board certified health coach. Linzie is also a independent market partner for a vegan naturally based hair, skin and wellness company called Monat.

"Yes I am a true gemini ha!" I love working through Monat because I get to help women and men boost their confidence and give an opportunity to other to own a small business and succeed in their goals. The thread that runs through my life and my work is I love to empower, inspire and motivate women and men to be the best versions of themselves."

In Linzie's spare time she loves being with her husband, Calvin and their two dogs - a french bulldog named Berta and a Boston Terrier named Schmoo. They love going to the Eastern Market and trying out local vegan restaurants. She Is also passionate about her personal health and wellness... OBSESSED with her Pelaton bike, the work outs are crucial to her mental health.

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